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Shalaka joined as a ninja (that is what we call our interns), working with the content team. She spent a good 2 months and left us with this note.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” – Fabienne Fredrickson

“The creative juices in my body were partly deceased. My ardour for writing was struggling on the ventilator. Academics and MBA energy had made me a dull kid. Countrymen questioned me about my indited, but I had nothing to answer. And then came an angelic internship opportunity. A saviour! The credit of this odyssey with Heyyo Media goes to Twitter, OFS and Nagpur Model United Nations.

It all began with Twitter. Read about ‘One Frame Stories’ and started contributing. There was rain in the lane again.  Loved the beautiful concept of 99 word stories based upon our perceptions. Then came Nagpur Model United Nations in May 2015. As I was handling the Media and Corporate Affairs, I was looking for potential collaborations for the conference. I had approached Jay via Twitter. The conversation further led to internship opportunities at Heyyo Media. I had just completed my Electrical Engineering and there were no openings. Days rolled and months passed by. ‘The Heyyo Media Initiative‘ ignited a spark again. Probably, it was the universe guiding me to pursue my fervour. With a few interactions, they welcomed me on board. Happiness knew no bounds when I told friends that its ‘The Parent Company of OFS.’

The very first day embarked with the inspirational words of Jay for this Ninja. Be good to people, he said. Behaviour indeed defines a person. How good you are to others is of utmost importance. I have learnt a lot about people and sentiments in this journey. And that, the person next to you comes first. Dealing with cancer patients is a delicate matter. The virtue of empathy is what I cultivated during the interviews and interactions with cancer brave hearts. Coming up with content for the posters was an interesting and challenging assignment to do. I enjoyed crafting and conceptualising innovative poster content for the social media pages. Sometimes, in a tick too. This opportunity has indeed gifted me a bunch of knowledge about the market place and helped me understand content marketing better. I have not only discovered the art of managing academics and work but also how to do it efficiently. Stretching yourself is a boon, you see. I used to work after office hours and the crew adjusted a lot. Especially my beloved HR, Deepthi! *smirk, smirk!*

Two months passed in a jiffy. I love the working ambience, though it is virtual. I admire how this group of four can handle everything at hand, come up with interesting ideas, coordinate being miles apart, deliver the finest quality stuff to their clientele and outstrip all hurdles all by themselves. This Valentine’s Day, we celebrated the love for work. I am humbled as I had an opportunity to work for a cause. The friendly squad comprises of folks from different backgrounds and that’s what I adore. I will be definitely travelling to Kochi to explore the backwaters of Kerela and Pune for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sejal is amiable and enthusiastic. Her smile is contagious in photographs too. Jay has always been an ambitious person with a suave sense of humour. Deepthi is my favourite. I spoke to her more than my boyfriend! (A big grin!) I will miss discussing work with her over WhatsApp smileys.

The joy of pursuing your passion via a job is surreal. My hectic MBA life experienced mirth during this internship. The certificate won’t be just a piece of paper but will be a keepsake to the core. Your ‘Kiddo’ will miss the work she did and how she managed time, how she came up with ideas and handled her cell phone carefully during the lectures. It’s going to be a touchy moment to leave the ‘Heyyo Work’ group which I don’t want to. Yes, that level of bonding!

I don’t know what more to say. I don’t know what more to write. I just know this isn’t my last article for Heyyo!

Shalaka is a 22 year old who is currently pursuing PGDM course at Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai. She is a sanguine writer by choice and enjoys blogging, cooking and travelling.

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