A Perfect Pearl


“Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.” -Gloria Steinem

A woman’s life is like a candle, meant to burn even brighter, meant to light other candles. Characterised as a symbol of strength, sacrifice and vivacity; the 21st century woman stands tall in all walks of life. We are very well acquainted with the women who have proved their substance. The list is endless. We honour the ones who have reached newer heights, but fail to realise that the one in your abode deserves a medal too. After all, she is the strong pillar in the life of every individual.
The beauty of womanhood lies in the transformation of a little girl in the cocoon into a strong, confident lady. Leadership is instinctive in them. She rules the world with her love and care. Moreover possess a feral enigma of fetching an eccentric smile even when stuck in second gear. Words aren’t enough to describe the eternal belleza of a woman. Be it a dainty schoolgirl trying to make sandwiches for her father or an adolescent learning make-up tricks, they just can’t stop being lovable!
There is beauty in all routine things she does. A female is the mitochondrion of her home-cell. Her full expressions and half sentences are remarkable. Her blabbering and jabbering on atypical topics is indeed amusing. Mirrors are her best buddies. It is a wonderful glimpse when a she accessorises herself with bangles and Bindi. She draws your attention the way she argues and bargains with the fruit vendor. The way she gets the lunchboxes ready in a tick and kisses you goodnight are just unmatched sights of affection. I feel, multitasking is an art and every woman is a master at it!
Her charm is not just restricted to the activities endowed with adore, but how she portrays valour. How she rises like a falcon outstripping her melancholy yesterday by a promising today. How she struggles hard to manage the family expenses, how she plays a martyr and sacrifices her career for her children and how she encounters adverse life situations. Breaking the shackles of silence, she stands tall and fights for her rights. Righteousness, trust, peace, passion and determination are the key virtues that reveal the dazzling persona of a real woman.
On this occasion of International Woman’s Day, let’s salute such women and take a pledge of appreciating the women around. Start this campaign by appreciating oneself, because you, yes you are one of a kind. Because you are the melange of the far-fetched, the epitome of incredible. So radiate the sunshine in you. Stay heart, stay foolish, stay cool, stay impish. Dress your soul and grab your peace. Foster you fantasies and dream on. Remember, you are the prettiest pearl and daddy’s little girl!
Happy International Women’s Day!

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