Another Step Towards Bringing Change

At Heyyo we believe that whatever we do must bring about a change for the better. Someone defined worldly success as not just making money but finding the time to spend that money. And yes money can buy happiness when it brings a smile to a sad face. That’s why Heyyo is not just another interactive agency. With Every enterprise we undertake, our endeavour is to spread positive vibes which in turn leads to the change we seek.

October and November are significant to a large section of our world because they are cancer awareness months. These days are a continuous reminder of cancer and the growing number of people affected by it. Heyyo in association with Zuvius Life sciences and Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan foundation for cancer is doing its bit too, to raise the awareness of cancer.

There is this bewildering noise about cancer that we hear all around us. It’s a scary word only because of the misconceptions and myths associated with the disease itself. Of all the popular myths the two glaring ones are that all cancers are the same and cancer cannot be cured. The truth is that there are hundreds of types of cancers and they have to be approached and treated differently. Cancer can be cured if it is detected early and is followed up with the right procedure of treatment. Hence it’s important that one is aware of the nature and manifestation of the disease for early detection and diagnosis.

It is to dispel such myths, misunderstandings and stigma surrounding cancer and to provide guidelines for self screening for signs of cancer, that we have organised cancer awareness campaigns. We are taking it to campuses across India, including IITs, reaching out to an approximate of 50,000 students. Our Heyyo team and a plethora of experienced, service minded doctors hold interactive sessions with students to educate them and assure them that cancer cannot take you by surprise if you are aware and prepared.

Youngsters are the ideal audience to address and this has a two pronged effect. They learn enough about cancer not only to take care of their own selves but also to watch out for the elders in their families. We are at the starting point and there is much more to do before we can ensure a nation that is ready to fight and win the battle against cancer.

And Heyyo has miles to go before we can claim we’ve done enough.


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