Intern Speaks: Chandana C. Nair


Heyyo Media

Chandana C. Nair

Chandana joined as a digital ninja(Well that is what we call our interns), working with the content team. She spent a good 30 days and left us with this note.

‘However old a person may get, one never forgets two things, first job and first crush. Two major things, yet of no connection. Thankfully for me, the team at Heyyo Media – my first job – never let me forget about the second thing. Starting the day with: How’s your life; to ending the day with the discussion on Feminism; those are some of the things that we did at Heyyo Media. There are a lot of other things to be said, but we will get back to it.

My experience at Heyyo Media has been splendid. The things I learnt here from the work and the people, I know I will always remember and take it to my grave (if need be). May it be the brainstorming sessions, trying to come up with innovative ideas; Or the Creativity Day (which involved least work and more texting); or trying to figure out the solution for the biggest question: Who will go out and buy the required stuff; Trust me! I learnt a lot!

The best thing about this team is that they ensure that no one feels left out or out of place. The sole motto we (proudly, I was a part) follow, Be Nice To Everyone. It was an incredible experience trying to get to know everyone here at Heyyo, each one a different yet mesmerizing persona. Jay tries to not just give you the best advices possible, but also knows how to get to know a person really well- what with his quirky questions, the answers to which make you doubt whether you know yourself at all! Then there is Deepthi, the nicest of all, she tends to make you feel comfortable and is very precise about things, or as we like to say it “stuff”. Iffy is a down to earth guy who deserves to be mentioned as the most hardworking guy in the team and someone whose taste in music is – well, for a lack of a better word, different. Jayalakshmi, an intern – like me, movie and book buff – like me, CUTE – like me (of course!), a remarkable identity with the nicest nature – yet again, like me. Not to forget, there is Ranjeeta – a great and really nice person – who fit in perfectly within the team like a piece of puzzle (your airport story moved me, seriously!!).

The thing I learnt here was how a working space does not always need to be a strict and formal environment; it can also be a friendly and lenient surrounding. My experience here was fun and valuable. What am I going to miss the most? The answer would be most definitely, the Hunger Box! Eating between work, or pooling in to buy stuff or asking each other what each of us brought for lunch, an experience I would not forget in the near future. Thank you Team Heyyo, for this great opportunity and love that you attended me with. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back to college and brag about how I met some of the most famous personalities of Kerala, something that was made possible because of this Team.’

Chandana is a 19 year old,  pursuing Fashion Designing from Bengaluru and aspires to be a Fashion Journalist and very precisely at Vogue. While she was with Heyyo and neck deep in doing boring stuff, she found time to write this .


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